A New Sustainable Homewares Platform

Erda Home - sustainable mycelium lampshades designed by Sebastian Cox and Ninela Ivanova

Mushroom Mycelium Lampshade designed by Sebastian Cox and Ninela Ivanova

Our very first post!

We had a good old think about what was best to write about for our first post, but in the end we think we should probably explain what we are trying to do with Erda. Anyone who is reading this or has used the platform will be able to see that it is still being developed and we know that it has a way to go yet, but we plan to be as open and transparent about our journey as possible...

An idea for a new way of sourcing the most sustainable homeware and accessories online had been floating around in our heads for some time, we just didn't know what form it should take or how to execute it. When the pandemic hit Europe in early 2020, aside from having a lot more spare time on our hands, we witnessed the impact this had on not only on online shopping trends, but also the environment more widely.

When things aren't sustainable, they eventually have to stop.
- Anders Arkarlid, A Good Company

Whilst not nearly enough, there is a growing awareness around sustainability at the moment, brought to the fore by the impact of global warming and destruction of ecosystems across the planet. Whilst the impact of fast fashion on the environment has become a hot topic over the past couple of years, the impact of fast furniture, and the homewares industry in general, is yet to reach the same levels of awareness.

Many of the current larger players in homeware, home accessories, and beauty products sell sustainable products here and there, but barely any provide them across their whole business. This means consumers are often have to shop around for furniture, beauty products, and accessories that are sustainably sourced. However, there are some larger mindful business, and plenty of amazing smaller businesses that do provide sustainable products across their entire catalogue, which we want to help others discover.

Erda Home - a man carries a sack through a field

The platform for sourcing homewares that don't cost the Earth

So with this sudden influx of spare time over the past year we created Erda, an online platform which curates the most sustainable products online for those of you who don't have the time or energy to go trawling through all the different options available on the web.

Your can browse our catalogue to find products you like or read our reviews and comparisons to check what products might be the best fit for you. By helping to promote only the most sustainable products available on the market, our hope is to positively contribute towards the circular economy, and more widely, a sustainable planet.

In addition to only promoting sustainable products or suppliers, we pledge to donate 2% of all money we make to three great causes that work towards saving our planet's environment.

We will be updating the website on a daily basis over the coming months with our curated collections and sustainability comparisons across product ranges.

We welcome any feedback or queries you have in the meantime, and don't forget to sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date on all things Erda!