How Do I Know What I Am Buying Is Sustainable?

Erda's Sustainability Values

Our sustainability criteria

You may notice our products are tagged with sustainability labels on the website - below is a quick guide on what sustainability criteria we use to asses the products in our collections.



Made In The UK

Minimising the distance materials travel in the supply chain process is paramount to reducing the carbon footprints. The closer to home products are made, the better.

Sustainable Materials

These are materials that can be produced in the required volumes without depleting non-renewable resources, such as bamboo, wood, hemp and flax to name a few.

FSC / PEFS Registered

A global certification that the wood has come from managed forests, which maintain forestry levels to ensure raw materials are not depleted or over forested.


Craft production process tends to be less wasteful, use less energy and use more natural materials.

Plastic Free

Only 9% of plastic is recycled and vast amounts of plastics are single use. Plastic does not decompose and can contaminate ecosystems with chemicals or micro plastics. We prefer plastic free.

Recycled Materials

Recycled materials help reduce the pollution caused by waste, reduce the need for materials and the energy to convert them into products.

Vegan Products

Some vegan products require less energy and water to be consumed in the production process than typical materials used. We analyse these on a case by case basis.