Cosy Cushions Perfect for Winter

By Rebecca Freeman

The right cushion can add a touch of style and comfort to any space in the home, but at times it can be difficult to find cushions that are stylish as well as sustainable. Whether you’re looking for new cushions for yourself or as a gift for others, here at Erda we have curated our favourite sustainable cushion designs just in time for the festive period!

1. Ferm Living

Cushions designed with Aesthetic Sustainability in mind

Ferm Living’s designs centre around contrast. They aim to use rich textures and deep colours to create ‘an authentic and composed atmosphere’, while their quirky patterns add ‘a touch of the unexpected’ in the home. Ferm Living use the sustainable framework of Aesthetic Sustainability. They believe that by creating products that last, in terms of function and aesthetics, we can buy less and keep what we purchase in use for longer. Roughly around 20% of Ferm Living’s products are made from sustainable or recycled materials, however Ferm Living aim to increase this percentage from collection to collection.

Our recommendation from Ferm Living is their eco design Shay Patchwork Cushion. This cushion is made with recycled polyester and organic cotton and has a retro block colour design, available in two colour variations – Mustard and Cinnamon. The warmer palette of Mustard offers to give a friendly and modern feel to your home with shades of brown, pink and white, while Cinnamon’s blue, green and brown tones offer a similar retro design with a deeper colour scheme. If you’re looking for a quirky cushion this winter, the Shay Patchwork Cushion is a perfect sustainable choice!

Click here to purchase the Shay Patchwork Cushion and shop Ferm Living’s designs.

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Shay Patchwork Cushion by Ferm Living

Erda HOME: Ecosophy white linen organic bedding

Vice Versa Cushion by Maison de Vacances

2. Maison de Vacances

Playing with colour through cushions

Maison de Vacances is an independent French brand, whose motto is ‘Dress up your interiors as you want to be dressed up.’ Maison de Vacances ensure quality in their products by standing apart from the exploitative nature of mass production, instead manufacturing and designing their products in France. Maison de Vacances are also committed to using the finest materials in their design process, working with 100% natural linen. As a brand, Maison de Vacances aim to give their customers the freedom to play with colour through their bohemian and sustainable designs.

Maison de Vacances’ Vice Versa Cushion is the perfect sustainable staple for your home this winter. The rectangular cushion has an eco-design and is made with the natural materials of duck down, duck feathers and flax. The shade of Tobacco-brown gives this cushion a snug and homely quality, perfect for any space in your home needing warmth!

You can find the Vice Versa Cushion online at made in design.

3. Nkuku

Handmade home comforts

Nkuku are a brand that offer ethical, eco-friendly and handmade homeware products, aiming to support and work with artisans throughout the world when bringing their designs to life. Nkuku do so by capturing the tradition of handmade techniques that are often overlooked in favour of mass production. As a brand, Nkuku adhere to the global standard of the 10 Principles of Fair Trade, and believe that trading fairly with the local artisans they work with creates sustainable employment.

Nkuku’s Mayla Cushion Cover is sustainable as well as chic, handmade in India with linen and cotton. Available in sizes Small Square, Rectangle and Long in the colour Natural, the Mayla Cushion Cover’s oatmeal tones give this cushion a laidback feel, with the subtle black lines stitched across the face of the cushion cover adding a bit of texture and structure to the design. Adding the Mayla Cushion Cover to your home will be sure to add a touch of comfort to any room this winter, and can be paired nicely with the rest of Nkuku’s Mayla collection!

You can shop for the Mayla Cushion Covers here.

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Mayla Cushion Covers by Nkuku

Erda HOME: Ecosophy white linen organic bedding

Mohair Pillow V62 by Viso Project

4. Viso Project

Craftsmanship and comfort

VISO is a brand that prioritises craftmanship. Their collaborative collections are designed by craftsmen across Europe and the United States in small and sustainable batches, meaning that each piece is crafted authentically and prioritises quality alongside sustainability.

VISO’s Mohair Pillow V62 has a woolen feel and quirky design to keep you warm this winter. This pillow has a stylish three-way colour pattern, with the bright combination of blue, white and orange offering to light up any room this festive season. The pillow uses mohair wool that is made by carders, shearers, dryers and weavers, crafted in line with a manual weaving process that dates back to the 15th century! The perfect pillow to add a pop of colour to your home in these colder months.

The Tapestry Pillow V39 by VISO also combines history with comfort in a timeless tapestry throw pillow. Made with 100% cotton, this pillow is hand-finished in the United States and woven into German jacquard looms. This technique dates back to the first weavers in the American Colonies. The design of the pillow is brought to life by vibrancy. The tones of cherry red accompanied by deep blue in circular and triangular shapes give this pillow a colourful appearance, with soft as well as sharp design lines bringing depth to the surface of the pillow. If you are looking for an intricately crafted and designed cushion, the Tapestry Pillow V36 is perfect!

The Mohair Pillow V62 and Tapestry Pillow V39 are available for purchase on bombinate.

5. Linen Tales

Lithuanian craftsmanship through cushions 

Linen Tales are a family-run brand based in Lithuania, who aim to bring well-crafted linens to your home through the tradition of Lithuanian linen. Linen Tales achieve this by selecting high quality linens from Lithuanian craftsmen, who themselves use sustainable techniques to produce Linen Tales’ contemporary homeware products. Linen Tales’ objectives as a brand centre around creating products that are made to last, are suitable for all seasons, and are sustainable and safe.

Linen Tales’ Washed Linen Cushion Cover can subtly bring style to any space in the home. This cushion cover is made in Lithuania with 100% European Linen and comes in a variety of shades within a neutral colour palette. Here at Erda we love the light colour of Natural, an inviting shade that is fresh as well as comforting. The simplicity of Linen Tales’ designs make this cushion not only sustainable but versatile, perfect for any place in the home that needs a hint of sophistication and cohesion!

You can shop for Linen Tales’ Natural Washed Linen Cushion Cover here.  

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Natural Washed Linen Cushion Cover by Linen Tales