The Most Sustainable Rugs for 2022

By Tilly Hayes

Erda Home: Ecosophy sustainable organic linen bedding in white

Image Source: Bombinate

Looking for a rug for winter?

Introducing a new rug into your home can add character and life into any room. Yet, over time, rug-making has earned its place as an unsustainable practice characterised by the unethical sourcing of materials and child labour. Although some brands continue to practice these methods, the increasing use of natural dyes and durable fibres such as wool, help to reduce the environmental impact of rug production. This guide provides a collection of Erda’s favourite brands and products to make those sustainable swaps a little easier. 

1. Nkuku

Fair-trade, natural and environmentally friendly

Fair trade and environmental protection lie at the heart of founders, Alex and Ali’s mission. The pair journeyed from Africa to India, exploring the traditional craftsmanship which has inspired Nkuku’s focus on natural and recycled materials.

This Salem hemp rug is one of our personal favourites. Made in India, this piece was handwoven on traditional handlooms, one of the country’s most ancient crafts. Available in three different sizes, the use of natural materials and colours creates a timeless aesthetic for any room. Prices range from £195 to £395.

Erda Home: TOAST washed linen bedding sustainable

Salem Hemp Rug by nkuku

Erda HOME: Ecosophy white linen organic bedding

Rectangles blocks kelim rug by NJRD


Scandinavian functional design

Founded in 2020, Swedish brand, NJRD is the home of innovative Scandinavian design. A passion for Nordic nature and light drives the brand’s creation of functional pieces, derived from natural materials that can be easily integrated into everyday life. 

Hand-woven made with 100% wool sourced from New Zealand, this Rectangles blocks kelim rug in pink is both simple and stylish. The rug’s exceptional durability is ensured by the incorporation of the flat-weaving technique, which prevents possible ‘piling’ (visible balls of fluff on the surface of a rug caused by abrasion).

Available in three sizes, this rug is currently discounted, retailing at £466.

3. Rug Solid

Danish design with a sustainable ethos

Designed in Denmark, Rug Solid produces products which sustainably utilise materials which would otherwise be wasted. Offcuts from textile factories and plastic bottles ensure a considerably lower environmental impact. So far, the company have incorporated over 82,000 plastic bottles into their designs!

Yet, Rug Solid’s sustainable ethos compromises neither quality nor style, and each piece is made to last. This Illusion rug, pictured in jade, is one of our favourites, and is also available in terracotta and grey. Each currently retail for £599.

Erda Home: TOAST washed linen bedding sustainable

Jade Illusion Rug by Rug Solid

Erda HOME: Ecosophy white linen organic bedding

Green Terrazzo Rug by Edito

4. Edito

High quality, Oeko-Tex certified

Another favourite here at Erda is Edito, a brand which carefully produce each individual product in Belgium using high quality materials.

Not only do we love the unique design of this green terrazzo rug, but importantly, the piece is made from Oeko-Tex certified polypropylene, a certification which prevents the use of harmful substances in textile manufacturing. It’s also hypoallergenic- perhaps this is for you if you suffer badly with allergies, or simply wish to opt for a piece that doesn’t shed.

The rug comes in two additional colourways- grey and rose. Shop now for £117.

5. Ferm Living

Versatile functionality

With a shared love for protecting our planet, Danish brand, Ferm Living have brought their passion for functionality and comfort to life.

Incredibly, as part of their ‘Way We Recycle, collection, Ferm Living have produced this stunning Way Recycled Rug entirely from 292 recycled plastic bottles.

The choice of a simple yet eye catching monochrome design creates a timeless feel, whilst its suitability to be used both indoors and outdoors makes for a highly versatile choice. Available here for £255.

Erda Home: TEKLA sustainable organic cotton bedding

Way Recycled Rug by Ferm Living

Erda HOME: Ecosophy white linen organic bedding

Alexey Rug by OKA

6. OKA

Luxury, sophisticated and sustainable

Sustainable strategy at OKA is driven by three key aims: innovation and craftsmanship, enhancing all lives, and deigning for a better planet. With this in mind, OKA produce homewares with the aim of inspiring consumers to introduce sustainability into their homes.

This Alexey rug, available at £1495, would provide a luxurious addition into any home, or any room. Made from 80% jute and 20% cotton, this rug is crafted using a highly durable combination of materials, whilst the indigo and neutral tones make for a sophisticated finish.

7. La Redoute

African inspired craftsmanship

Although a long running brand founded in 1937, La Redoute have demonstrated a willingness to commit to more sustainable practices to protect our planet. The brand has pledged to produce fewer, more high quality pieces to reduce waste, whilst aiming to source responsible cotton (that which is recycled or organic) for all production by next year.

La Redoute have chosen cotton, a raw material which is recyclable, to produce this striking Triba rug, inspired by African craftsmanship. With a slim design, this rug offers a contemporary feel and is available in three sizes. Prices range from £165 to £475.

Erda Home: TEKLA sustainable organic cotton bedding

Triba Cotton Rug by La Redoute

Erda HOME: Ecosophy white linen organic bedding

Multi Colour Tonal Abstract Handcrafted Rug by So’Home


Low-impact, hand-crafted and stylish

SO’HOME, available as part of the La Redoute online store, presents a vast array of contemporary homewares produced using high quality materials.

This tonal abstract rug in earthy tones with fringed detail edges is hand crafted from wool and cotton. Being made by hand produces slight variations in the size and shape of each rug, making each individual piece unique!Shop here for £349.

SO’HOME also have a further ‘responsible’ range, which offers a number of stylish rugs certified by Oeko-Tex, as well as those produced in Europe which have a lower carbon impact. You can explore this range here.