Sustainable Gifting This Christmas

By Rebecca Rhodes

Erda Home: Ecosophy sustainable organic linen bedding in white

Slowdown Studio Throws

Christmas gifts don't have to be bad for the planet

Running behind on Christmas presents? It’s that time of year again where the hustle and bustle of Christmas takes a toll on us, but we have the perfect solution for you. We've scoured the gifts available online and curated our top sustainable brands and products that would be a perfect addition to your Christmas shopping list!

1. Made Trade

Recycled Copper Cocktail Set - £221

Made Trade is a woman-owned, family-run company that promises quality craftmanship, fair wages to staff, ethically made products and also adheres to Fairtrade guidelines. Handcrafted with 100% recycled copper, this cocktail set is a must-have present to buy for that special someone. Indulge in Christmas cocktail making with the family, whilst benefiting the planet at the same time! This set includes mugs, a shaker, a jigger, and platter and obtains Strong natural antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties, what more could you want?

You can buy the set here for £221!

Erda Home: Made Trade Recycled Copper Cocktail Set

Recycled Copper Cocktail Set by Made Trade

Erda Home: WXY Big Amber Candle

WXY Big Amber Candle

2. WXY

Big Amber Candle - Velvet Woods & Amber - £29.95
WXY is a sustainable brand where 3% of profits go to Mind Charity, they are also plant-based – promising no animal products, parabens and recycled materials are used within production. This planet-friendly brand also offers high quality products, at a cost friendly price. Made with natural essential oils, from a blend of palm oil free plant-based wax, our must-have Christmas present is the WXY Big Amber Candle; hand poured in the UK. The product is extremely sustainable also and can be used in multiple ways as you can reuse the candle holder after the wax is burnt out!

Buy this must have present here for £29.95

3. Oakywood

Walnut Wooden Airpods Case – £29

Oakywood is a brand whose mission is to supply the world with magnificent, one-of-a-kind wooden items and decor that are not only beautiful, modern, and unique, but also functional – and is eco-friendly, modern, techy and exquisite. Each product bought from this brand results in one tree being planted, as with their brand ethos they see it is critical to work toward preserving sustainable standards and ecological production. Our most-loved product and a key Christmas gift idea from the brand is their Walnut Wooden Airpods Case, bringing a contemporary vibe with the nice wooden finish.

This product is just £29 and can be bought here

Erda Home: Okaywood Walnut Wooden Airpods Case

Oakywood Walnut Wooden Airpods Case

Nkuku Coffee Mug - Erda Home

Nkuku Ribbed Coffee Mug

4. Nkuku

Mali Ribbed Coffee Mug - White (Set of 2) - £26.50

Nkuku are a company on a mission to set the standard for ethical homewares by employing eco-friendly materials, appreciating, and supporting handcrafted traditional skills through fair and transparent relationships with our suppliers, and working toward mutual success. Transparency is the top priority for the brand; and they see their suppliers as partners and encourage open interaction and communication.

Out top recommendation? the Mali Ribbed Coffee Mug! Handcrafted by an artisan team, the product gives off a clean, contemporary look that will suit any home.

Don’t miss out and buy here for the perfect gift!

5. Slowdown Studio

Perry Throw - £250

Slowdown Studio is based in LA and sheds light on emerging artists from all around the world to craft blankets, rugs, towels, and essential home goods – whilst celebrating the importance of uniqueness and modern artistry.

There throw that really catches our eye is the Perry Throw, made by Melbourne designer Claire Ritchie. The throw itself features bright colours, patterns and will add a unique statement to any home. This handcrafted throw is 100% cotton grown, spun and woven in North Carolina and It can be utilised on the couch, as a picnic mat, or hung as art on the wall.

You can buy this gift here for £250!

Erda Home: Slowdown Studio Perry Throw

Slowdown Studio Perry Throw