Sustainable Throws and Blankets

Erda Home: Ecosophy sustainable organic linen bedding in white

Kimbie Throw by Slowdown Studio

Where to look for sustainable textiles

Soft furnishings and finishing touches can make or break a room. Often a piece that ties all the interior elements together - however, finding products that champion sustainability and elegance can be challenging. That's why we have curated a selection of makers that use sustainable techniques and materials, whilst also producing textiles that we know you'll love. 

1. Nkuku

Handmade home and lifestyle products combining traditional craftmanship and sustainable natural materials

Meet Ali and Alex, the brains behind, Nkuku. The duo pride themselves on the use of fair-trade practices that have minimal impact on the environment. Their core values, (Ethical, Eco-Friendly and Handmade - not to mention stylish!) sat alongside impeccable craftsmanship and design make Nkuku rugs a must-have in your home.

Our favourite is the cosy Moss Stitch Throw, perfect for the colder evenings, which costs £98.

Erda Home: TOAST washed linen bedding sustainable

Moss Stitch Throw  by Nkuku

Erda HOME: Ecosophy white linen organic bedding

Babilllay Blanket by Boon & Up

2. Boon & Up

Authentic homeware expertly woven in Ghana using traditional handlooms

Boon & Up specialise in soft furnishings beautifully woven in the Dagaare region of North Ghana. Using traditional handlooms, the expert weavers produce unique pieces that will liven up any room.

Technique lies at the heart of Boon & Up, but intricate and contemporary design is in no way missed. Boon & Up use traditional designs as their template, before adding subtle modern twists.

Not only does the brand generate employment for the local community, but they also invest 20% of their profits into employment projects in the area.

You can find their Babillay Blanket on Wolf & Badger for £190.

3. Slowdown Studio

Unique rugs combining art and sustainability

Slowdown Studio is exactly what it sounds like.

A brand that likes to take a laid-back and steady approach to homeware design, to help you appreciate the calmer things in life. Pattern and design is at the forefront of their pieces, which is of no surprise as they are constantly collaborating with upcoming artists, from all around the world.

The outcomes are textiles that you are encouraged to hang, as works of art to showcase their creativity. Their rugs are also made from a 70% recycled cotton blend - something to definitely shout about!

It's too tough to pick a favourite out of Slowdown's throw, literally all of them are amazing. Check out their selection available on Bombinate here.

Erda Home: TOAST washed linen bedding sustainable

Kimbie Throw by Slowdown Studio

Erda HOME: Ecosophy white linen organic bedding

Viso X Michael Bargo Mohair Blanket V84 by Viso Project

4. Viso Project

Traditional craftmanship married with art and design 

Impeccable craftsmanship and artistic flair go hand in hand at VISO. Their collaborative way of working inspires designs that are sustainable, artistic, and creative.

Produced by master carders, shearers, dyers and weaver, the Viso x Michael Bargo Mohair Blanket V84 is a must have for the colder nights approaching. You can find this on Bombinate for £469.

Check out the other Viso project throws here. 

5. Luks

GOTS and OKEO TEX certified master weavers
Lüks works with small family ateliers and master weavers in Turkey. Crafting high-quality textiles with traditional techniques produced from locally sourced cotton. Longevity matters at Lüks, which is why they offer a 20 year guarantee on all of their products, so you can say goodbye to throwaway culture once and for all.

 Available in black and tan, taupe and cream or navy & salt. At the lower end of the price range, you can find the Hilmi Blanket at Wearth for £95.

Erda Home: TEKLA sustainable organic cotton bedding

Hilmi Blanket by Luks