The Latest Sustainable Skincare for Winter

By Rebecca Rhodes

Erda Home: Ecosophy sustainable organic linen bedding in white

Image Source: Haeckels

Want to be kind to the environment as well as your skin?

So many skincare products damage ecosystem without us realising. Once discarded as waste, man-made chemicals from these products filters through our water systems, resulting in harsh substances being distributed into rivers and eventually our oceans – harming sea life. 

How are brands making a change?

Through an increase in the use of renewable energy and materials during the manufacturing of products, many brands are finding ways to reduce the environmental impact traditional cosmetic brands cause. Whether this is sourcing renewable power in the production process or by incorporating more recyclable or biodegradable packaging, there are some amazing brands out there doing everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint.

We’ve pulled together a guide below to introduce you to some pioneering sustainable skincare brands that not only make you feel great about your skin, but also about their impact on the planet too!

1. Knours

Hormone – conscious skincare, 100% cruelty free

Knours (Know Your Skin) are a 100% transparent company who steer away from using products such as synthetics, silicone and gluten and embrace natural ingredients such as passionflower, peony root and Monk’s pepper berry.

Our all-time favourite product from the brand is One Perfect Youth Cream, which can be used through all skin cycles day and night, combining olive oil, sweet almond oil and niacinamide.

You can find their multi-benefit cream on Wolf & Badger for £59 

Erda Home: TOAST washed linen bedding sustainable

One Perfect Youth Cream by Knours

Erda HOME: Ecosophy white linen organic bedding

Antioxidant Face Balm by Kear

2. Kear Natural

Multi-purpose skincare, inclusive, holistic

Kear offers natural skincare products that are free from artificial chemicals and are suitable for all ages, genders, and skin types. You can ditch the extra packaging as Kear products can be used in all areas of the body – so no need to order multiple products!

We love the Antioxidant Face Balm from Kear which includes olive oil, beeswax, and orange; packed with vitamins to keep your skin glowing.

This cream will restore your natural beauty and can be bought on Wolf & Badger for £62

3. Haeckels

Environmentally conscious skincare, 100% vegan

Haeckels is a brand that uses sustainable resources to manufacture their products and focuses on saving our oceans. The company aims to raise awareness of natural sea properties that can hydrate skin naturally and is just as good as chemical alternatives. We love this brand because it encourages us to be more aware of the ocean crisis and how we can help prevent this here.

Our favourite pick of the brands products is their Eco-Marine Facial Cream, which is also their bestselling product, containing natural seaweed extract.

Your skin will be left looking flawless and can be bought from Trouva for £48

Erda Home: TOAST washed linen bedding sustainable

Eco-Marine Facial Cream by Haeckels

Erda HOME: Ecosophy white linen organic bedding

Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream by Youth To The People

4. Youth To The People

Consciously sourced, Pro-grade vegan actives

Youth To The People was founded in 2015 and works to make the most sustainable choices. This company uses glass for their products packaging to reduce the amount of plastic waste resulting in reducing our carbon footprint; they also use post-consumer materials, when possible, to tackle this issue also.

The Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream will help your complexion retain water for a plump, hydrated result.

This cream is 100% vegan and can be found on Cult Beauty for £42

5. Typology

Natural care, 100% transparent

Typology’s product ingredients are all sourced from sustainable farms via gentle extraction practices, in addition, all packaging is from recycled materials and sustainable transport is used to reduce emissions. Every ingredient from each product is listed from the transparent-talking brand, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

A favourite of ours is the Nourishing moisturiser 1% Hyaluronic Acid & Shea Butter, which is 98% naturally derived and will leave your skin with a silky finish.

You can find the moisturiser on Typology for £21.50

Erda Home: TEKLA sustainable organic cotton bedding

Nourishing moisturiser 1% by Typology